Joe Vigo



I was born at home in Cuba, into a farming family. At an early age my parents moved to the USA. My father immediately went to work at a friend’s farm. I went to school and helped at the farm. As a teenager started shifting in to the mechanical field in heavy equipment, then on in to the trucking industry. Drove trucks for an over the road company across country. They gave me an opportunity to buy my own truck, I then became an owner operator (self-employed). In 1995 I started my own trucking company with the help of a large franchise. In 2002 started doing Real Estate helping a friend, as a hobby. In 2003 got my license and went to work for Prudential in Key Largo as a part time agent. Learning the market in the Keys and incorporating the Homestead and Redlands area, as that is where I grew up. In 2007 I resigned my interest in the trucking company and became a full time Real Estate agent. I have 14 years of knowledgeable Real Estate in my south east Florida territory.